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Billing Information

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Our providers do see out-of-network clients although their benefit level may be affected. In these situations, the client is responsible for any amount not covered. Please contact your insurance company or our billing office for an estimation of benefits. The estimation of insurance coverage is not a guarantee of coverage. A sliding fee is available for clients who have inadequate or no insurance coverage.

This office will assist in obtaining reimbursement from insurance carriers.

Private pay clients are billed at $250.00 per 50-minute session.  A sliding fee is available for clients who are under-insured.

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Questions to ask your insurance provider:

  • Is Legacy Mental Health Center in or out of my insurance network?

    • What is my in-network deductible? What is my out-of-network deductible? 

    • When I hit my in-network or out-of-network deductible, what does my plan cover?
  • What mental health conditions or services does my plan cover?

  • Are there any mental health conditions or services that are not covered by my plan?

  • Do I need any referrals to see a therapist at Legacy Mental Health Center?

Please direct all internal billing inquiries to (952) 922–9121 .

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